Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spa Fiasco part 2

After successfully making an appointment. I waited for my first spa treatment with hati yang berdebar-debar.

Then, a day before the appointment, I received a call reminder reminding me of my treatment the next day.

Me: Hello.
BLSpa: Is this Nurul. I'm just reminding you that you have an appointment tomorrow for 2 person.
Me: Yes.
BLSPa: If one of you didn't show up, we consider your voucher no longer valid  and you would not be able to make another appointment.
Me:  Yes. (Kenapa macam rude sangat ayat dia ni)
BLSpa : If you are late also, we will consider your voucher no longer valid.
Me: Ok. (Yup, definitely rude)

After receiving that "friendly" reminder, I make sure I set my alarm clock that night.

The next day.......

*phone ring*
Me: Hello. 
BLSpa: Hi. This is BLSpa. I'm afraid I have to cancel your appointment for today. 
Me: *brain suddenly woke up* WHAT!!!!!! I've called you three times before. Now when I finally have an appointment, you cancelled it at the last minute. May I know why? 
BLSpa: One of our staff took emergency leave and one more is MC. 
Me: How is that my problem? 

(It's not that I'm not sympathetic, but after the rudeness I received yesterday, my tolerance toward them is weaning)

BLSpa : We can replace your appointment to another day. Is Friday ok for you?
Me: No, I'm working on that day

(Seriously, do they think that I don't have a life and all I do is laze around all day????)

BLSpa: So when are you free?
Me: Hold on *check planner*
BLSpa: When are you free?
BLSpa: Ok.
Me: I'm free next week Tuesday. But my voucher is expiring this Friday.
BLSpa: It's ok, we'll extend the voucher for you.

Ok. so another appointment has been set.

On the day of  the appointment, I came. Saw that the "spa" is empty. Further proving to me that the keep saying that they are fully booked story was a scam. For that one hour treatment, I received 30min body massage and 30min steam bath. To me, half hour body massage macam tak cukup je. Kaki kalau aku pergi urut pun sejam. Tak puas! And upon entering the spa also, I was greeted with dagger eyes. Mesti diorang sakit hati dengan aku kan?

P/s: I was right. Diorang urut pun macam nak tak nak je.

P/p/s: First time kena pakai thong. Segan gila. Tak nak dah body massage!!!!


ibbymueller said...

nuyu + thong = ???

ade gambar x? :D

nuyu said...

aku prefer kids-friendly rating for my blog. And kalo post-up pic aku+thong, nuffnang akan me-reject aku dari menjadi ahli mereka. sekian, terima kasih.

ibbymueller said...

skema. tp aku folo dr part one. mereka mmg sungguh celaka