Friday, October 7, 2011

Skin Care

Remember the good old days when all you need to do to get a good complexion is

cleanse - tone - moisturize

well.. that days are long gone my friends...

Go to any beauty counter, I mean literally... And you'll be bombarded by all the product that supposed to be NEEDed by you skin. We now have

cleaser - toner - eye serum - eye cream - serum - moisturizer - sunblock - mask - overnight peeling cream - night cream  

anti-aging skincare - whitening skincare - pore-minimizing skincare - even-skin tone skincare

And don't even get me started on cosmetic product. It used to be just a face powder and a lipstick and you are good to go.

now its primer,base,foundation,loose powder, eye shadow, eye liner.....

the list goes on.

All this while I thought I got good skin. Not prone to breakout. No allergy reaction so far. 
And all it took is one beauty consultant to point out how dull my skin look for me to run to the skin care counter.

Please excuse my vanity. I need to put on my hydration mask now.  

P/s: Please go ahead and tell me I'm gorgeous. You know you love me.

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