Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Treatment

Got a call from a beauty center regarding a free mini-facial. Thinking back, yes, I did filled up a form of some sort regarding this facial. I'm a contest-junkie, I join everything, irregardless of the prize. And I also like free stuff.

After setting up an appointment, went for the treatment.

upon entering, I was offered a strawberry(?) tea

Fountain at the waiting area. Rasa macam nak terkenc dengar bunyi-bunyian air itu

I guess upon seeing my body, the beauty therapist suggested that I go for the slimming treatment instead since it is also free for first trial.

HMMMmmmmmmmmm....... (I'm really not sure whether to be offended or thankfull??)

Anyway, decided to go for the slimming treatment. Here is the breakdown of the treatment:

  • Stand on a machine with a vibrating plate (ala yang macam Ogawa tu) for 10 minutes
  • Spot treatment with a machine to sculpt and suck the fat (said to have a 'vacumn' effect) for 20 minutes. Was told that it would be a little painful. Felt like being pinched.
  • Body wrap and hot blanket for 45 minutes

Then the sales talk come.

First they ask me if I want to add RM250++ for another treatment. I said no since I said I have sensitive skin so I want to wait and see if my skin react to the treatment. They said their product has no side-effect. I still tell them no.

Then they ask me if I want to add some serum for the spot treatment so that I can get double result. They have three serum, each cost rm68. When I said no, they said at least take one, its 'only' rm68. At this point, I started to feel harassed. The consultant went in and out of the consultation room, probably to consult with her boss about any other trick to push me into parting me with my money (or simply to mengumpat).

When I said no for the serum, they start pushing another trial treatment for RM49. I felt like walking out of that door. I said I do not bring enough money. They said not to worry, they have credit card facility. I told them I got no credit card, they said they have maybank right across the street, maybe I can withdraw money. I said NO again. Honestly bukan sebab aku kedekut, tapi sebab memang aku tak ada duit. And kalau aku ada duit pun,. aku tak akan habiskan untuk benda-benda yang macam ni.

Finally the consultant said that I could pay a deposit of RM10 and pay another RM39 at the next appointment. Doing anything to make her shut up, I paid for the RM10. She straight away took out a receipt book and said cash, right? Remember, all this is before the actual treatment. Why do they push their product up in my face even before I try the product? Why so dodgy? Don't they believe in their product? Or is it all about the money, money, money?

Anyway, onward with the treatment.

The first treatment was nice, but I do feel that anybody can do this at home. Just buy the Ogawa machine. Coz trust me, the people who are rich enough to go to this place, are rich enough to buy this machine.

The second treatment hurt like hell. Pinching sensation myarse! The pain was indescribable. All I can say is I rather put hot wax all over my face, put a piece of cloth on it, and pull out all my facial hair in one go.

The body wrap was ok I guess. I did manage to relax in the hot-blanket. But after the session finished, I did felt a little nauseous and almost throw up. The consultant said that is probably because I have an empty stomach before I came for the treatment. But honestly, who eat first before getting your whole body wrapped? Mesti muntah terus lah. Tak adanya setakat nak mual mual ni.

To wrapped(pun intended) it up, I think I just wasted RM10. Because no way in hell I'm going there again.

Oh... I forgot to tell you, I also receive a free gift:

terbaik lah dia punya lebam. besar tapak tangan aku.

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perghh nad, memang banyak slimming centre yang kata free, at the end paksa paksa cucuk atm la. macam samseng. be careful next time.