Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spa Fiasco part 1

I bought some vouchers from milkadeal back in June. It entitles me for one-hour massage for only RM38 (expires 8 Sept 2011). Since I thought it was a good deal, I even bought one for Mr. Intan Payung as I thought we could go together. 

This is my story.

Attempt 1 (Somewhere in June):
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I purchase a voucher from milkadeal. I want to make an appointment for next Tuesday for 2 people.
BLSpa: Sorry, we are fully booked on that day. Can I put you on our waiting list? If a customer cancel, we'll give you a call ok. 

Assuming that I might need to booked earlier next time around  (It says on the voucher that we need to book at least 2 days in advance, I give them 4-days notice), I dropped the matter and just try my luck next time. Eventhough me and Intan Payung actually got the same off day for next week.

Attempt 2 (Somewhere in July)
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I have a voucher for your body massage. I would like to make an appointment.
BLSpa: Oh, may I know from where you get the voucher?
Me: Milkadeal.
BLSpa: Oh Milkadeal. When do you wish to make the appointment?
Me: Next Tuesday (7-days notice) for 2 people.
BLSpa: Oooh. We are fully-booked on that day. Can I put you on the waiting list.
Me: Yes please.
BLSpa: Ok.  If somebody cancel we'll give you a call. Try your luck har. 

Again this happened. I even waited on the phone just in case the called. By this time I already harbour some conspiracy theories about this place. How can a place be fully-booked 7-days in advance. Don't they have walk-in customers at all? Some days I just feels like walking in to the spa just to check whether they are really busy or not. But me and IP just too plain lazy. Plus i was afraid that if I go in there and sprang a surprise visit, they might do our massage macam tahi sahaja. So this brings me on my third attempt.

Attempt 3 (Early August)
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I bought a voucher from milkadeal. I would like to make an appointment. 
BLSpa: Yes. when is the appointment? 
Me: Next Tuesday at 6pm.  
BLSpa: Oh. We are fully booked on that day. 
Me: Then on Monday the following week. 
BLSpa: I'm sorry. We are fully booked on that day also. 
Me: So you are saying, even though I booked 2-weeks in advanced, some peoples have booked that days probably months before me? Please tell me when are you available so I can fit my schedule to you. 
BLSpa: Em... Em.... We are available on 29 August at 5pm
Me: Any other days?
BLSpa: Em.... Em..... No.

Bloody shitheads. Can a spa be fully-booked for every single slot up to the day before raya? Unbelievable! I have never seen Malaysians so commited in RSVPing to anything in my entire life.

Me: Then its ok.
BLSpa: You still want to make the appointment?
Me: No.
BLSpa: You want me to put you on the waiting list?
Me: No. Thanks. 

There's definitely something fishy going around here. Which lead me to another attempt.

Attempt 4 (26 September)
BLSpa: Hello BL.
Me: I would like to make an appointment please.
BLSpa: May I know what date?
Me: 5th September 2011 for 2 people.
BLSpa: May I know what time?
Me: Can you slot me in at 7pm.
BLSpa. Oh. We are not available at that time. Is 5pm ok for you.
Me: (Is this really happening? I'm actually getting an appointment?) Yes 5pm on 5/09/11 is ok.
BLSpa: May I have your member card number?
Me: Owh. I actually bought 2 vouchers from Milkadeal.
BLSpa: Oooohhhhh.
Me: So 5pm on 5/09/11 for 2 people right?
BLSpa: Yes. We will give you a call a day before your appointment. Please bring your voucher with you.

Yes. I finally manages to troll the elusive appointment keeper. I fell like I won the lottery. But wait, the story is not over yet. Do wait for Part 2 ok.

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Shas said...

so... dapat gi tak? wan cakap not to trust any of those websites, but it's cheap isn't it?