Saturday, September 10, 2011

Expectation vs. Reality

Hye kamu-kamu sekalian. How was your week so far? Have you don't everything you planned this week? Well, to tell you the truth I only made one plan to do this week and so far my plan appear to be fruitless.

Last weekend I decided to make macaroons. You know, that pretty little sweet things that Blair Waldorf can seem to get enough of.

French Macaroons

Well, after googling the recipe on Sunday night, I realize that I need to put the eggs at room temperature at least 24 hours prior to baking. Hurmmphh.... So plan to make it on Monday morning is practically ruin. The next day, after taking out the eggs from the fridge, I decided to go online to check my mail. My online prepaid has run out. Double disappointment!! Later, in need to find some things to do, I decided to read a book by Meg Cabot.

My first impression about the book is that the book will be about some middle-aged women struggling about her weight much like Becky Bloomwood struggling with her shopping addiction. And boy, was I wrong!

It is a mystery novel! I mean how random can a book get huh. The book is pretty good, I even finish it in one day. The next thing I know I need to go to bed already because of work the next day. I work Tuesday to Thursday. By Thursday evening I'm already itching to read the books sequel.

So after work on Thursday, I read this book all through the night. I finished it by 5 the next morning. Guys, please do keep in mind I am still planning on making macaroons. Decided on Friday that I will finally drag my ass to Bake with Yen to get some extra ingredient. I even make plan in my head to have lunch with my sister. Well, that plan doesn't really materialize considering the fact that I woke up late and it was raining out. Yeah yeah you all probably think that I shouldn't sleep so late and that I should have better principle or some things like that. But truthfully, nothing can tear me away from a good book. Not even an empty stomach! LOL. And since its raining and all, I thought t would be a good idea to read another book. I'm dying to know whether Heather Wells will sing again or she would end up with Cooper or not. Which bring me to my third book this week.

Yes, by Friday, I've read the whole Heather Wells' series. Albeit I was a little disappointed in the ending, at least I can put the whole story at the back of my head! Yeah! No more lying in bed tossing and turning trying to figure out the ending! Saturday I'm finally making macaroons!!! Yeah!!

And as you've probably figure it out. Today is Saturday, and the macaroon is nowhere to be seen. And I do have a reason for this. I do, you guys have to trust me on this! I fill my Saturday being really productive. Honest!

To tell you the truth, I always wanted to read this book since I seen it on Oprah. And since it was written by Portia de Rossi, I really wanted to know what it was all about. This book is about an eating disorder. I find her writing really enlightening. It was also very precise. I really feels for what she was going through. Hoping for the paperback version in Malaysia soon and hopefully from book excess because I really couldn't afford paying retail prices. Yes, even for books.

 Okay folks. That is all about my week update. I promise I make the macaroon tomorrow. :) 


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