Saturday, September 10, 2011

Expectation vs. Reality

Hye kamu-kamu sekalian. How was your week so far? Have you don't everything you planned this week? Well, to tell you the truth I only made one plan to do this week and so far my plan appear to be fruitless.

Last weekend I decided to make macaroons. You know, that pretty little sweet things that Blair Waldorf can seem to get enough of.

French Macaroons

Well, after googling the recipe on Sunday night, I realize that I need to put the eggs at room temperature at least 24 hours prior to baking. Hurmmphh.... So plan to make it on Monday morning is practically ruin. The next day, after taking out the eggs from the fridge, I decided to go online to check my mail. My online prepaid has run out. Double disappointment!! Later, in need to find some things to do, I decided to read a book by Meg Cabot.

My first impression about the book is that the book will be about some middle-aged women struggling about her weight much like Becky Bloomwood struggling with her shopping addiction. And boy, was I wrong!

It is a mystery novel! I mean how random can a book get huh. The book is pretty good, I even finish it in one day. The next thing I know I need to go to bed already because of work the next day. I work Tuesday to Thursday. By Thursday evening I'm already itching to read the books sequel.

So after work on Thursday, I read this book all through the night. I finished it by 5 the next morning. Guys, please do keep in mind I am still planning on making macaroons. Decided on Friday that I will finally drag my ass to Bake with Yen to get some extra ingredient. I even make plan in my head to have lunch with my sister. Well, that plan doesn't really materialize considering the fact that I woke up late and it was raining out. Yeah yeah you all probably think that I shouldn't sleep so late and that I should have better principle or some things like that. But truthfully, nothing can tear me away from a good book. Not even an empty stomach! LOL. And since its raining and all, I thought t would be a good idea to read another book. I'm dying to know whether Heather Wells will sing again or she would end up with Cooper or not. Which bring me to my third book this week.

Yes, by Friday, I've read the whole Heather Wells' series. Albeit I was a little disappointed in the ending, at least I can put the whole story at the back of my head! Yeah! No more lying in bed tossing and turning trying to figure out the ending! Saturday I'm finally making macaroons!!! Yeah!!

And as you've probably figure it out. Today is Saturday, and the macaroon is nowhere to be seen. And I do have a reason for this. I do, you guys have to trust me on this! I fill my Saturday being really productive. Honest!

To tell you the truth, I always wanted to read this book since I seen it on Oprah. And since it was written by Portia de Rossi, I really wanted to know what it was all about. This book is about an eating disorder. I find her writing really enlightening. It was also very precise. I really feels for what she was going through. Hoping for the paperback version in Malaysia soon and hopefully from book excess because I really couldn't afford paying retail prices. Yes, even for books.

 Okay folks. That is all about my week update. I promise I make the macaroon tomorrow. :) 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bila dapat hadiah tak ikhlas

Untuk pengetahuan korang semua, saya sangat suka masuk contest. Tak kira la contest apa-apa. Asalkan tidak perlu bayar apa-apa. Contest SMS, hantar surat, telefon radio saya tak layan ya. 

Setelah beberapa kali mencuba nasib, ada la jugak contest yang saya menang. Macam tiket wayang ke, premiere movie ke, movie merchandise ke. Anyway, baru-baru ini saya ada join contest dekat GSC punya website. 

To make a long story short, I received a mail from GSC yesterday. Excited ni sebab dapat menang hadiah. Even though I'm not sure for which contest sebab semua contest I masuk. 

Upon opening the packages, I found two ticket for this movie:

Spy kids. Layan je la. Boleh tengok Jessica Alba :)

Ok. Meh baca T&C pulak.
  • Not exchangeable for cash
  • Valid only when movie is marked "*"
  • Not applicable for twin seat bla bla bla

Owh. So I check kat GSC whether this movie dah ada marked * ke tidak. Oh ok ada. So takyah la nak kena tunggu 2 minggu baru boleh guna tiket kan. But hari ini dan esok saya bekerja malam manakala Mr. Intan Payung bekerja pagi. so tak boleh nak dating. Decided to go this Friday since dua-dua pun free.

Tapi ini pula yang saya jumpa:


Siapa from Melaka or Penang nak tiket ni? Rasa-rasa kalo esok pos kat korang, korang sempat tengok tak? Kalo nak sila komen entri ni ye.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spa Fiasco part 1

I bought some vouchers from milkadeal back in June. It entitles me for one-hour massage for only RM38 (expires 8 Sept 2011). Since I thought it was a good deal, I even bought one for Mr. Intan Payung as I thought we could go together. 

This is my story.

Attempt 1 (Somewhere in June):
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I purchase a voucher from milkadeal. I want to make an appointment for next Tuesday for 2 people.
BLSpa: Sorry, we are fully booked on that day. Can I put you on our waiting list? If a customer cancel, we'll give you a call ok. 

Assuming that I might need to booked earlier next time around  (It says on the voucher that we need to book at least 2 days in advance, I give them 4-days notice), I dropped the matter and just try my luck next time. Eventhough me and Intan Payung actually got the same off day for next week.

Attempt 2 (Somewhere in July)
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I have a voucher for your body massage. I would like to make an appointment.
BLSpa: Oh, may I know from where you get the voucher?
Me: Milkadeal.
BLSpa: Oh Milkadeal. When do you wish to make the appointment?
Me: Next Tuesday (7-days notice) for 2 people.
BLSpa: Oooh. We are fully-booked on that day. Can I put you on the waiting list.
Me: Yes please.
BLSpa: Ok.  If somebody cancel we'll give you a call. Try your luck har. 

Again this happened. I even waited on the phone just in case the called. By this time I already harbour some conspiracy theories about this place. How can a place be fully-booked 7-days in advance. Don't they have walk-in customers at all? Some days I just feels like walking in to the spa just to check whether they are really busy or not. But me and IP just too plain lazy. Plus i was afraid that if I go in there and sprang a surprise visit, they might do our massage macam tahi sahaja. So this brings me on my third attempt.

Attempt 3 (Early August)
BLSpa: Hello, BL
Me: Hi. I bought a voucher from milkadeal. I would like to make an appointment. 
BLSpa: Yes. when is the appointment? 
Me: Next Tuesday at 6pm.  
BLSpa: Oh. We are fully booked on that day. 
Me: Then on Monday the following week. 
BLSpa: I'm sorry. We are fully booked on that day also. 
Me: So you are saying, even though I booked 2-weeks in advanced, some peoples have booked that days probably months before me? Please tell me when are you available so I can fit my schedule to you. 
BLSpa: Em... Em.... We are available on 29 August at 5pm
Me: Any other days?
BLSpa: Em.... Em..... No.

Bloody shitheads. Can a spa be fully-booked for every single slot up to the day before raya? Unbelievable! I have never seen Malaysians so commited in RSVPing to anything in my entire life.

Me: Then its ok.
BLSpa: You still want to make the appointment?
Me: No.
BLSpa: You want me to put you on the waiting list?
Me: No. Thanks. 

There's definitely something fishy going around here. Which lead me to another attempt.

Attempt 4 (26 September)
BLSpa: Hello BL.
Me: I would like to make an appointment please.
BLSpa: May I know what date?
Me: 5th September 2011 for 2 people.
BLSpa: May I know what time?
Me: Can you slot me in at 7pm.
BLSpa. Oh. We are not available at that time. Is 5pm ok for you.
Me: (Is this really happening? I'm actually getting an appointment?) Yes 5pm on 5/09/11 is ok.
BLSpa: May I have your member card number?
Me: Owh. I actually bought 2 vouchers from Milkadeal.
BLSpa: Oooohhhhh.
Me: So 5pm on 5/09/11 for 2 people right?
BLSpa: Yes. We will give you a call a day before your appointment. Please bring your voucher with you.

Yes. I finally manages to troll the elusive appointment keeper. I fell like I won the lottery. But wait, the story is not over yet. Do wait for Part 2 ok.

Raya and the other thing.

Hai semua. Selamat Hari Raya. Rasanya belum terlambat kan nak wish semua follower-follower kesayangan saya. Saya akui saya dah lama tak update blog ni. Tapi tak bermakna saya tak sayang kamu semua. Saya lebih suka menjadi silent reader semenjak dua menjak ni. 

Nak tahu kenapa? 

Saya mengalami depressi sebenarnya. Reason? Saya potong rambut. Saya tahu, mungkin ramai akan cakap saya ni drama queen. mesti ada yang mengeluarkan kata-kata seperti:

"Ek eleh ko. Potong rambut pun nak depress. apa x pernah potong rambut ke" 

Untuk pengetahuan anda semua. Saya memang sangat jarang potong rambut. Kalau boleh dua tahun sekali baru nak trim rambut saya satu inci. Akhirnya rambut saya sudah pun panjang mencapai paras pinggang.

rambut lama yang panjang mengurai

Rambut baru yang macam ****

Mungkin ada yang akan cuba ambil hati saya dan cakap:
"Ok ape" atau "cute what"
Tapi setiap kali saya tengok cermin, mesti saya hilang confidence.
Saya rasa rambut saya macam rambut lelaki.
Benci. Mahu tutup muka bila keluar rumah. Oh rambut. Cepatlah panjang.

P/s: Ini bukan entri tagih simpati. Ini luahan hati saya yang tulus ikhlas.